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Yangming hot springs from the bedrock depths of the underground clean non-polluting, water surface temperature of 42 degrees, the deep temperatures of 72 degrees, PH value of 8.3, is a weak alkaline fluoride, silicic acid-type light spring water contains fluoride. lithium, strontium, manganese, silicic acid and other trace elements and other useful minerals, are secondary efficacy for the treatment of hypertension, coronary heart disease, chronic rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, promote metabolism, improve the immune system. Villa with indoor spa and outdoor hot springs, open-air hot spring contains the characteristics of bubble pool area, spa area, swimming area, stone spa area as well as VIP soup housing areas, a total of bubble pool, over 40 different characteristics experience for guests.
Open-air park:
    Park is now a total of more than 40 bubble pool contains a variety of characteristics of feeding hot springs, respectively, petal area, Herbal District, flavored area, spa area, swimming area, VIP private soup District
Petal area: rose, lavender, etc.; can achieve the beauty effect.
Herbal District: join in the pool with special effects a variety of herbs (ginseng, angelica, etc.), allowing you to experience health effects in the hot springs at the same time;
The Jiawei District: (: red wine, pool, pool, aromatherapy, ginger pool, etc.) can make your heart and soul to relax soak them, enjoy the gift of nature given.
The other we have a Turkish spa fish spa, and a large spa spa pool, from the hot springs of Turkey kiss the fish kiss your skin to remove dead skin instantly, will give you to bring you a different feeling. There are dozens of advanced hydromassage equipment in the spa area, allowing you to fully experience the pleasure of the massage spa, the park also has a swimming area, a children's slide and the Water Curtain Cave, water basketball, water walking ball such as playing in the water project. In the park there are eight private VIP soup housing bubble pool, this exclusive private soup mood Ming Spa Signature Massage comfortable.
Can enjoy our Yangming spa cuisine dining inside the building in the park, mainly to provide some snacks and pasta, packages, dining on the first floor featuring stone Hot Springs, When you Paowan, lying on the stone hot springs rest, to allow the technician to be a partial massage, for example, by the head, according to the back, press the feet.
     Indoor bubble hot spring pool, lounge on the second floor provide free beverages, tea, fruit, the third floor of a standardized swimming pool, and features three warm hot springs bubble pool will be able to make your distinguished this different feeling.