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Spa etiquette tips:
* Shower Bidet: favorable absorption of minerals in the hot springs; make-up, Ms. remover and then bathing is more conducive to the facial skin to absorb the hot springs steam care.
Changing rectification: the dressing area to replace a swimsuit and a pair of slippers into the open air pool area, towels, bathrobes ban into the pool. Bags, mobile phones, cameras, toys, sports, spare tire into the park, so as not to affect other people bathing.
* Quiet bath: quiet into the pool, water splashing, not noisy, not playing in the water.
* Civilized bathing: Do not rub the body into the pool (the sebum film rub off the skin, also affects the health of bubble pool), do not head soaked in water, not wash, shampoo and bubble pool.
* Change the pool to rinse: If you soak the feeding hot springs to replace the bubble pool, first wash the body in the bubble beside the pool shower column.
* Do not disturbing others: Do not watch the others (the body), to create a relaxing hot spring environment.
* Protecting the environment: do not carry the drinks drinks or food to the park; not park smoking, and keep the fresh air.
* Bubble the Tang Gongde: those suffering from infectious diseases should not be into the public pool.