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Yangming Hot Springs Resort motel different from foreign crude Motel renovation dream reveals a casual, five-star standard construction. The entire landscape Station motel 23 rooms, each with a different style, full of personality, coupled with the introduction of room metasilicate rare hot spring water in the Yangtze River Delta region is unique. you can enjoy luxurious private spa journey.
Motel renovation of various styles, Arab style, Parisian, Mediterranean, and wind, Balinese, British-style, fantasy fashion, Chinese luxury and so on.

Stay at the motel rooms, opened the garage door into the garage, parked inside the door is the different styles of One Bedroom Suite. The living room and the room decoration is very delicate, and instantly make people feel very different exotic, are placed in the large bathroom with oversized bathtub, hot spring water through which the facilities are complete with high-grade, this health spa, is how a taste and enjoy.
The exclusive garage door along the wooden stairs to the 2nd floor, room layout is very warm and romantic, a touch of light more than a sort of mood the whole environment is very suitable for two of the world. The second floor rooms have a separate attendant channel and room mouth, the waiter whether housekeeping services, or offers to take the specialized channels seems to want to be disturbed are difficult! The romantic ambience, gorgeous decor, perhaps even more rare arbitrary hot springs, warm, safe and secret personal space, body and mind to enjoy the complete relaxation of the "snatch half a day".