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First floor of the Yangming Shifu Chinese Restaurant, decorated very Chinese flavor to the operation of local specialty ingredients and seasonal farm-grown green agricultural products as raw materials, combined with the Zhoushan Island, fresh and plump, excellent seafood, the introduction of new concepts to cater to the tastes of the public healthhealth green meals. You'll like on this eyeful through the window and saw the green, like a sense of detached elegance here erratic, like those pale fog Ming blue and white elegant-type.
    The entire restaurant to the Ming and Qing styles, Yangming culture dishes to select diversified color, flavor and taste, brought together around the local dishes, Zhoushan seafood, as well as health food series and other elite chefs, taste and colorful all the time, the ad hoc 12 banquet exquisite rooms, luxury box floor length windows to enjoy the panoramic views, first-class gardens in Suzhou dishes, excellent service, where the stylish and elegant, exquisite furnishings and soothing style, rich flavor, combined with the taste of the theme of art fashion design. Sitting Bihe where you can taste the Feast of the Royal goods, feel the noble life! Your carefully crafted elegant and casual dining environment.

[Business hours] Lunch 11:00-13:30 Dinner 17:00-21:00