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Apply what they learn

Wang Yangming, Ming Zheng three years, the famous thinker, philosopher, writer, strategist, Mind master of civilization College lectures for the first time raised his lifetime espousal of the belief - knowledge into action.
And ideas and things, the principle of "know" to "OK" to moral practice and action, emphasizing the cognitive things, the Road and Road are inseparable in reality use a wash Neo know in advance, said popular for hundreds of years of abuse, its impact throughout the Ming Dynasty, Xu Jie, Li Zhi, Jang courtier Confucian school and up to the widely known overseas, continues to this day.

Ming Dynasty culture

This awe-inspiring of the scroll, there have been complex Canxing famous all good at their field, there are voluminous masterpiece, a total of a leading position. Li's record, "Compendium of Materia Medica", "Chi-efficient Shennong," Sung detailed study, "Heavenly Creations" and "inquiring".
Luo Guanzhong power of essays, "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", pointing to the Spring and Autumn. The Shinai Chang book "Outlaws of the Marsh, depleted hero. Joking Wu Cheng-en, "Journey to the West, clear your heart, Xianzu emotional ties.
The Peony Pavilion, enduring life and death, Baihu wonderful only succeed Dan inch, text length satisfying, send custodial proud of the four apes, Zhuo Wu Zhi Chen, Feng really generous and want to have the responsibility to the world of apostasy, Ting Lin.
Merry Ho Chun short, non-wind-induced tablets Paper blot, are surviving fetish.

Ming blue and white

Days of blue, white, suet, as if storm clouds are broken Zhen is leisurely stop, softly praise Ink long axis.
Sound Yongle bell Drum muster to push pregnant while on the ingenuity, the condensate merged into a quaint quiet Jing glaze.
It bursts the Chenghua the Jifengzhouyu, soak the exquisite Jun-small-type, dyed excellent light if the fog elegant.
That the slightest Jiajing of swirling incense cloud outline Tsui Yan dripping verdant color, and attain all things in Wonderland.

Ming-style furniture

Shu length of the back of a chair with the hardness and softness of the foot line, and fiber such as clean feather floating wooden wings and ancient Shen Mu Yun If therefore the light satin, red sandalwood, and twist round on the back curly grass dental Zikou Interlocking unadorned back Lianhe decoration, but also that no trace, they match exactly; is not deliberately carving the CKS harmonious beauty, was the world the essence of the charm of a long infiltration from generation to generation skills, after years of stroke was removed, still meaningful supreme treasure.