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Ming  is a hotel "- Goodwill Ambassador" team. This is a vibrant young team. The most friendly and meticulous service, the resort life of the rich guests. Enthusiasm and a smile is our greatest signs.
About Ming Special Service
Ming - Goodwill Ambassador, as the soul of the Parkview Hills is different from other resort business philosophy. The MING team "create happiness, spread happiness," designed to bring you the perfect holiday experience.
Include: aerobic jog, walk through the tea gardens, tea ceremony, tea-picking activities, flower arranging teaching, bartending instruction, wine tasting, table tennis, Sloek games, swimming, taekwondo, tai chi, cycling stroll, pasta production, Phi Sa production, dumpling making, cool hip-hop, Hemudu tour, children’s programs (children’s sand painting, postcard, etc.) ... and our activities will be updated timely adjustment according to different seasons, continue to show the new.

Dawn, the MING with you anywhere in the tea plantations into the leisurely pleasant. Together with the mountains between breaths, let your entire body and mind are immersed in natural harmony with the natural aroma of the plants.
Hemudu trip - MING take you with the awareness of the Yuyao this is known as the "state of the literature," said city, in-depth understanding of the culture of the city and along the historical ruins.
Parent-child activities - during your vacation, MING entire process can take good care of your children, and prepare colorful, fun-filled children’s activities:
Sand Painting: allow children to expand the imagination, to depict the beautiful world of their own hearts. Through the use of color, to show the child is not the same color perception.
Postcard: beautiful, beautiful postcard was sent to the father and mother children the best gift, yourself, to depict their feelings into a magical postcard, instead of children expressing wishes, gratitude, joy, happiness ...... in sow the love of their children’s hearts, the children would harvest the Thanksgiving church children hands-on production, the children understand what is to create, to bring children to be happy, the children would understand what happiness is.
There are also pasta production, dumplings game, waiting for the participation of children’s storytelling and improvisation.
Parkview when the bright lights to illuminate the night sky, the MING for your super audio-visual feast - song and dance, games, interactive, fun and competition, allowing you to laughter and joy to the end of the day trip, waiting for the embrace of sleep soundly a dream.
MING, can also create your own activities according to your requirements. Outdoor barbecue, evening bonfire, fishing contest, food festival, or a unique shuttle ceremony. Is bound to bring you satisfaction and surprise.
The MING accompany your vacation during each day and night, any of your requests and feedback can tell us MING, we will be happy to provide you with satisfactory service.